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On June 9, 2015, the New York City Council passed the Fair Chance Act, which prohibits employers from inquiring about an applicant’s criminal record during the employment application process.  This legislation is known as a “ban the box” law, because it prohibits employers from ...

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  • National Flood Insurance Act One-Year Statute of Limitations Strictly Applies to Preclude Sandy flood Coverage Claim
  • Appellate Division Explains "Hidden" Decay Provision Requires Policyholder to Establish it Neither Knew Nor Should Have Known of Condition
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  • Covered in this post:
    • Court Applies Factual Nexus Test to Exclude Coverage for Related Claims
    • Southern District Permits Discovery Reflecting Reserve Information But Defers Ruling on Admissibility
    • Appellate Division Finds No Duty to Defend Non-Covered Contract ...

New York City recently passed the “Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act,” a law that prohibits discrimination based on an employee’s or job applicant’s consumer credit history.  The law is an amendment to the New York City Human Rights Law.

New York City recently passed the ...

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Covered in this post: 

  • Directors' and Officers' Liability Coverage Not Available When Policyholder Committed No "Wrongful Act" against Third Party
  • Settlement Agreement Upheld as Reasonable under Griggs Standard
  • Insurer's Fraudulent Joinder Argument Ineffective ...


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