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CLE Program: Mechanics of a Land Use Application

Start: 03-29-2017 18:00 End: 03-29-2017 19:30
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Allyson Kasetta, Associate, will be presenting a 90-minute CLE Program, "Mechanics of a Land Use Application," at our Roseland office.

This CLE seminar will focus on the basic procedures for submitting and prosecuting a Land Use Application before a municipal Planning or Zoning Board.  The topics covered will include an overview of the application process, jurisdiction of the respective Boards, notice requirements, Board review, the public hearing, the Board's decision, conditions of approval, the resolution, the notice of decision and finally, appeals.


New Jersey CLE 1.5 General
New York CLE (Reciprocal) 1.5 PP - Transitional
Pennsylvania CLE 1.5 Substantive

** If you wish to register for this event, please contact Aimee Sachs at

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