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Elder Law and Special Needs Planning

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Connell Foley’s Elder Law and Special Needs Planning practice group provides specialized legal representation and counsel for those who are physically or cognitively disabled due to aging, illness, or incapacity. We focus on issues involving our clients’ quality of life, financial security, and independence and act frequently on behalf of:

  • Children and adults who have suffered disabling personal injuries or who are faced with progressive disabling conditions
  • Individuals and couples planning for long-term care
  • Individuals contemplating healthcare and end-of-life concerns
  • Individuals with mental illness or incapacity
  • Children and adults with special needs
  • Clients of trial counsel who need advice regarding liens and other pre- and post-settlement issues

Advice with Progressive Disabling Conditions and Disabling Personal Injuries

An individual who receives a settlement or judgment after a debilitating injury can consult with Connell Foley attorneys to learn about the options that best match his or her unique needs and evaluate those that will be effective at protecting assets, while preserving eligibility for public assistance benefits.

We draft trusts to maximize clients’ opportunities and assist in trust administration, including representing clients in probate court proceedings.

Individuals and Couples Planning for Long-Term Care

The staggering financial costs of institutionalized care often drive families to consider the logistics of managing in-home care. Connell Foley lawyers provide insight into the most important planning considerations. We counsel on appropriate Medicaid planning techniques and can assist with the preparation of Medicaid applications and provide representation at fair hearings and appeals.

Healthcare and End-of-Life Decisions

Connell Foley attorneys who specialize in Elder Law create medical and end-of-life decision-making plans for the future of aging individuals that best protect their interests and allow them to remain in control of their affairs for as long as possible. We identify and explain the impact of our clients’ long-term care needs, coordinate with private and public resources to finance the cost of nursing-home care, and work to ensure that our clients’ rights to quality care are preserved.

Our attorneys coordinate with medical and healthcare professionals in a range of fields and draft clear directions to family, friends, physicians, and others. We assist in estate and asset-protection planning, counsel clients in matters relating to growing healthcare needs, and draft alternative decision-making documents to deal with issues of potential incapacity. 

In estate planning, our attorneys consider our clients’ wishes and concerns in light of ongoing health issues – and imminent and long-term needs – to ensure that our clients’ wishes are respected and implemented.

Disability and Special Needs

We use a comprehensive approach to life issues with respect to access to education, support, residential, and adult services for disabled and special-needs individuals. We work with our clients to develop appropriate plans to address ongoing medical care, special equipment and training, and preserve quality of life for children or adults with disabilities, without putting eligibility for government benefits at risk.

For school-aged children, our attorneys advocate for rights in education in the least restrictive environment or for private-school placement.

We offer an in-house complement of experienced estate planning attorneys, trial attorneys, litigation and mediation, and collaborative law specialties, among many others. The Connell Foley team works with clients in all aspects of trust and estate, long-term care, and disability planning.

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