Karen Randall Presents on Information Security Considerations with Population Health

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Karen Painter Randall, Chair of Connell Foley's Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Group, was a featured speaker for a webinar on "Population Health and Information Security," presented by the Security, Privacy & Compliance Committee of the New Jersey Chapter of the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (NJHIMSS).

As healthcare evolves, so do new technologies and the corresponding need for increased information security. This webinar examines what healthcare organizations can do to identify gaps and vulnerabilities related to unauthorized access to health information, as well as who is typically responsible for implementing controls that are necessary to protect against threats, including vendors, providers and even the patients themselves.

Karen's presentation focuses on Patient Data Security in Population Health Management. She is joined by speakers Robert J. Babin, Director, Strategic Initiatives/CISO, SPHS; Mike Chirico, Vice President of Sensato; and Vikas Khosla, President and CEO of BluePrint Healthcare IT.

For more information, please visit NJHIMSS website at http://njhimss.org/events/

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