Women's Initiative

Connell Foley LLP’s Women's Initiative is the formalization of a long-standing commitment to attract, retain, support and mentor the firm’s women lawyers.

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Recognizing the unique challenges facing professional women, our initiative provides tools and resources to help women achieve both professional success and personal fulfillment. Through formal and informal channels, our Women’s Initiative offers a range of mentoring, educational, professional development and networking opportunities.

In furtherance of the firm’s core commitment to community service, the Connell Foley LLP Women’s Initiative also coordinates efforts to provide financial and in-person assistance to organizations dedicated to assisting women and families in need.

Firm Leadership

Connell Foley is proud of the fact that several of the firm’s women lawyers lead key practice groups and litigation teams and have attained leadership positions at all levels of firm management, including serving on the firm's Executive Committee. In addition, we count among our women lawyers those who have been appointed to significant regional and national positions in both the legal and business arenas.

We are likewise proud that many of the firm’s women lawyers hold board positions on organizations dedicated to the community, arts and education.

Recognition of Our Women Lawyers

The firm’s promotion of women lawyers has drawn substantial recognition through achievements in litigation and transactional matters; awards from associations and businesses; attainment of governmental, judicial and leadership positions; notable publications and presentations; and other accolades within our community. 


As part of the firm’s overall efforts to provide educational and professional development opportunities to our women lawyers, we participate in and are members of a broad range of legal and business associations dedicated to the advancement of women. These include:

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