Diversity & Inclusion

As a leader in the field of legal services, Connell Foley promotes diversity as an opportunity to enrich our workplace and better serve our clients.

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We believe our ongoing success hinges on an inclusive environment that values multiple perspectives, experiences, lifestyles and cultures. By embracing a dynamic culture, we are better equipped to relate to the needs of our clients and to draw on the broadest possible pool of knowledge, skills and talent. 

Diversity Strategy

To advance Connell Foley’s commitment to diversity, we seek to:

Diversity Committee

Our longstanding Diversity Committee ensures that time, budget and resources are appropriately committed to enhancing the firm’s diverse culture. The group reports to the firm’s Executive Committee and works with management and the Hiring Committee to develop policy and address personnel issues, as well as to promote the recruitment, hiring, retention and advancement of a talented and diverse workforce.

Recruitment, Training & Mentoring

Connell Foley’s recruitment programs have expanded hiring criteria beyond traditional law-school indices. We recognize qualities such as superior character and capacity for growth as indicators of one’s ability to succeed. For many years, we have actively expanded the number of minorities and women in summer programs and as new lawyer hires.

Mansfield Certification

In 2022, Connell Foley achieved 5.0 Mansfield Certification. This program, run by Diversity Lab, is a yearly certification process aimed at boosting representation of historically underrepresented lawyers in law firm leadership. Through participation in the Mansfield Rule program, Connell Foley has further demonstrated its commitment to diversity and inclusion by tracking its affirmative consideration of at least 30% women, lawyers from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, lawyers with disabilities and LGBTQ+ lawyers, for top leadership roles, hiring, promotion, and participation in client pitch meetings.

Connell Foley has recommitted to participate in the Mansfield 6.0 Certification process, which will run through the summer of 2023.

You can learn more about the Mansfield Rule and Connell Foley’s participation here: https://www.diversitylab.com/pilot-projects/mansfield-rule-5-us-uk-canada/.


We cultivate relationships with legal, business and community associations that are dedicated to connecting people with common interests and backgrounds. To promote racial, ethnic and gender diversity in the legal profession, our lawyers work with numerous notable organizations, including:

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