White Collar Criminal Defense

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Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

Businesses or executives faced with allegations of wrongdoing need a legal defense team that responds quickly and effectively, with a strategic approach that considers all the issues. Our group has a strong track record of helping clients surmount the challenges associated with criminal investigations and indictments and obtain successful legal outcomes.

Connell Foley LLP lawyers defend against accusations covering a broad range of misconduct, including theft, fraud, deceit, reckless endangerment, bribery, extortion, kickbacks and racketeering activities. We also have formidable experience defending against allegations tied to corporate transactions, including those in the context of banking and finance, bankruptcy, health care, securities and tax, among others.

Bolstered by former federal and county prosecutors, we understand the criminal justice system from the inside out. Relentless advocates in the courtroom, we use sophisticated negotiation to achieve positive outcomes during every phase of a criminal action — from investigation to indictment, pretrial, trial and appeal. Our lawyers are the ultimate tacticians, applying pressure where needed or employing techniques such as interest-based bargaining to identify ways of resolving a matter as rapidly as possible. As a result, we often successfully get criminal complaints dismissed early on, saving our clients undue stress, time and cost.

The group also regularly conducts independent internal investigations on behalf of our corporate clients and their boards, developing investigations that are credible, thorough and minimally disruptive to our clients’ business.

Our lawyers contribute extensive knowledge and battle-tested experience to:

  • Internal corporate investigations of potential criminal violations
  • Federal and state grand jury investigations
  • Criminal indictments or other governmental proceedings
  • Civil disputes with criminal implications
  • Businesses victimized by criminal violations such as embezzlement, larceny, blackmail or computer fraud

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