Randall and Lyons Participate in Reputation & Risk Webinar Hosted by Healthcare Technical Solutions, LLC

Start: 02-18-2016 12:30
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Karen Painter Randall, co-chair of Connell Foley’s Cyber Security & Data Privacy and Professional Liability Groups, and M. Trevor Lyons, co-chair of the firm’s Labor & Employment Group, presented for Healthcare Technical Solutions, LLC’s webinar on “Reputation & Risk: Corporate Reputation & Social Media in Healthcare.” Held on February 18, 2016, this live webinar was geared towards information technology professionals in the healthcare industry and those who are members of the HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society). The topics discussed revolved around solutions to the various questions healthcare professionals have regarding reputation and risk.

Ms. Randall focused her discussion on Analysis and Mitigation topics, including:

  1. Top Breaches of 2015 Related to the Healthcare Industry
  2. Types of Cyber-Attacks
  4. Third Party Vendor Issues
  5. Notification Issues
  6. Breach Response Team and Continuity Plans
  7. New Cyber Threats Facing Healthcare Industry

Mr. Lyons spoke on Regulations, Laws, Privacy and Freedom topics, including:

  • The Age of Digital Healthcare
  • Privacy
  • Social Media Recruiting
  • Freedom of Speech & Employment Law
  • Regulations: HIPAA
  • The Social Media Policy
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