Mitchell Taraschi and Mark Fleder Obtain Order Prohibiting Municipality from Rejecting all Bids and Awarding $2M Project to Lowest Bidder

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ROSELAND, NJ (August 2, 2012) - Connell Foley Partners Mitchell W. Taraschi and Mark L. Fleder recently obtained a Court Order prohibiting the lead municipality in a multi-municipality cooperative Project from rejecting all bids and further Ordering that the contract for the $2,000,000 Project be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. The Court rejected the lead municipality’s argument that it had the right to reject all bids because the lowest responsible bid exceeded the lead municipality’s funding for the Project. The case was captioned Smith-Sondy Asphalt Construction Co., Inc. v. Borough of Haworth, Docket No. BER-L-3943-12.

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