Karen Randall Featured in Article on Business Email Compromise and Wire Fraud

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Karen Painter RandallChair of Connell Foley's Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Group, is featured in the NetDiligence article "BEC Panel Tackles the Changing Landscape of Wire Fraud," published on August 27, 2020. The article recaps the NetDiligence "Business Email Compromise and Wire Fraud" panel discussion on which Karen spoke during the "Summer 2020 Cyber Risk Summit." 

The article dives into how business email compromise (BEC) and wire fraud have created a more complex and costly loss landscape. Spoofing emails are still very common, but as the article notes, other sophisticated patterns allow "access to real addresses or other credentials through phishing, brute force, or credential stuffing." Karen notes that "threat actors have learned the value of patience. The initial breach executed, they may sit for weeks or months in a system, collecting information, accumulating records, gaining access to administrative controls. Eventually a fraudulent transfer will be requested, but it will be far less easy to spot." 

Karen was joined on the panel presentation by moderator Daniel Tobok (Cytelligence) and co-panelists Matt Gayford (Crypsis Group), Stephen Ramey (Arete Incident Response) and Erika Nelson (Allied World).

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