Joseph Megariotis to Deliver Webinar on How to Handle New Cases

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Veteran litigator Joseph Megariotis on March 27, 2024, will deliver a webinar designed to teach new lawyers exactly what they should do when they receive a new case file.

Titled “A Young Lawyer’s Guide to Initial Case Evaluation and Client Communication,” the webinar will provide participants with valuable insights on the questions they should be prepared to answer and ask during their initial phone call with the client or claims professional involved in a new case.

The webinar will also address ethical considerations that litigators should keep in mind during their first communications with a client on a new case, and the factors that should go into placing a preliminary economic value on a new claim.

Participants will receive a mock case assignment that will include a Complaint, a demand letter, a contract that includes a mandatory arbitration clause, and other relevant materials. 

For participating in the webinar, New Jersey Bar members and New York Bar members will receive 1.20 accredited hours and 1 accredited hour of Continuing Legal Education credits, respectively.

To learn more about the webinar and to register, visit the DRI Learning Center’s website.

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