Karen Randall Presents on Ransomware for Cybersecurity Legal Webinar

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Karen Painter Randall, Chair of Connell Foley's Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Group, is a panelist at the Cybersecurity Legal Webinar "Ransomware: A Massive and Paralyzing Cyber Threat Facing Organizations in 2019." Presented by the University of South Carolina School of Law's Cybersecurity Legal Task Force, of which Karen is a member, the program will address best practices for preventing and responding to a ransomware attack, including:

  • Ethical obligations that apply in safeguarding client data and breach notification
  • How to avoid a ransomware attack
  • Options available to respond to a ransomware attack
  • When should you and how do you pay ransom
  • Pitfalls even when ransom is paid
  • Insurance coverage and loss concerns

Karen will be joined in the presentation by: Douglas Hemminghaus, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, National Security Branch, Federal Bureau of Investigation; James Jaeger, Chief Cyber Strategist and Partner, Arete Advisors; and Abigail Oliver, Assistant Vice President of Cyber Underwriting, AXIS Capital.

For more information, please visit University of South Carolina School of Law's Cybersecurity Legal Task Force website

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