Mitchell Taraschi and Nicholas Guarino Co-Author Article on the Powers of the Prompt Payment Act

Utility & Transportation Contractor Magazine (UTCA)
August 2022
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Mitchell Taraschi, Chair of Connell Foley’s Product Liability and Tort Law Group, and associate Nicholas Guarino discuss the power of New Jersey’s Prompt Payment Act (PPA) in a recent article titled, “One Missed Step or Deadline Under the PPA and It Will Cost You,” published in the August 2022 issue of Utility & Transportation Contractor Magazine (UTCA).

In the article, Mitch and Nicholas break down the most pertinent subsections of the PPA pertaining to:

  • Work specifically performed by prime contractor on behalf of an owner (including public entity owners),
  • Requirement that if payment is not made within the time limits, the delinquent party shall be liable for the money owed under the contract, and
  • The requirement for reward of reasonable attorney fees and costs in addition to the total amount and interest

Please click here to access the article on pages 91-92.

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