Connell Foley Successfully Defends Development Plan for Downtown Westfield Construction

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John Lacey and Lauren Iannaccone successfully defended a New Jersey Superior Court prerogative writ seeking to invalidate a planning board’s final site approval for a redevelopment project in Westfield, New Jersey.

The suit was initiated by a not-for-profit corporation, Westfield Advocates for Responsible Development, which argued that Connell Foley’s client, Ferris Prospect Development, violated various zoning laws and the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law. Westfield Advocates further argued that the final site plan was not in conformity with the redevelopment plan.

The court’s decision in favor of Ferris Prospect Development will mean its plans for a 60-unit apartment building, cultural center for educational learning, 1,000 square feet of retail or café space, and underground parking at a Ferris project known as “The Sophia,” can move forward.

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