Internet Law Team Lead by Peter Pizzi Wins Key Domain Name for Quick Chek

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ROSELAND, N.J./July 30, 2010 -- Connell Foley’s Intellectual Property practice group, headed by partner Peter J. Pizzi, successfully represented Quick Chek Corp. in a cyber-squatting dispute involving a key domain name for the company.

For over 10 years, Connell Foley client Quick Chek Corp., which operates a chain of convenience and food stores in the eastern United States, has had to operate without the logical domain, <>. In 2000, an internet domain naming company had registered <> and refused to part with it, though the site was only being used to link to the registrant's domain naming business. In June 2010, the firm commenced a Uniform Dispute Resolution Proceeding, pursuant to the rules which govern internet domains, before the National Arbitration Forum aimed at getting the domain for the client, which has used the trademark QUICK CHEK since 1967. On July 14, 2010, the NAF issued its decision and transferred the domain to Quick Chek. The respondent had until July 26, 2010 to file an action in court seeking to block the transfer but no such action appears to have been filed.

The firm’s Intellectual Property team handled the matter. Peter J. Pizzi heads Connell Foley’s Intellectual Property practice group. Noel D. Humphreys is counsel at the firm and a member of the practice group. Monica Seth is an associate at the firm and a member of the practice group.


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