Karen Randall and Andrew Sayles Appear Before the United States Solicitor's Office in Washington, DC in Response to United States Supreme Court's Request For Views of the Solicitor General (CVSG)

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ROSELAND, N.J./November 18, 2011 -- Recently, the United States Supreme Court called for the views of the  U.S. Solicitor General on whether the pending Certiorari Petition filed by Connell Foley attorneys, Karen P. Randall, Andrew C. Sayles, Thomas S. Cosma, Thomas J. O'Leary, M. Trevor Lyons, and Meghan K. Musso involving the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act should be granted. Through the CVSG, the Court uses the Solicitor General as a resource to inform the Justices on the recommendation of the Unites States and the importance of the federal  question presented by the petition. Four US Supreme Court Justices must show a strong interest in the issue and vote on inviting the views of the Solicitor General. Data has shown that the Cert grant rate becomes significantly higher when a CVSG is requested.

Last week, Randall and Sayles argued in favor of having cert granted in a formal meeting with representatives from the Solicitor General, FTC, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Department of Justice present. The SG's office is expected to file its amicus brief by the end of the year and a decision relevant to Cert will follow shortly thereafter.

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