Richard Badolato Named Adviser on New Jersey State Superior Court Appointments

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ROSELAND, N.J./June 21, 2010 -- The Judicial Advisory Panel to Governor Chris Christie opened the door for Governor Christie to name seven new distinguished high profile public figures, one of whom is Connell Foley's own partner Richard J. Badolato.

Badolato, past President of the New Jersey State Bar Association, an outstanding trial lawyer who has been recognized by his peers as one of New Jersey’s top litigators, will hold the position for five years. The Panels’ mission is to provide confidential review of prospective nominees to New Jersey trial courts, and present written evaluation to the state's chief counsel. The Panel’s review of nominees is the first step in the Governor’s appointment process.

Former chair of the State Bar’s JPAC, Badolato is well experienced in the work of the Panel. Badolato said, “I am honored to serve with the distinguished and esteemed panel members who Governor Christie acknowledged as ‘qualified individuals of high integrity and reputation.”

Badolato’s trial practice includes all of the areas of insurance law and product liability and tort Law. Badolato serves as president of the New Jersey State Bar Foundation (NJSBF). For the New Jersey Bar Association (NJSBA), he has served in several capacities in addition to President − Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary; other positions he has held are Trustee of the NJSBA, chairman of its Ethics Oversight Committee; chairman of the Interbar Relations Committee; member of the Program Committee, Civil Trial Bar Section, the Alternatives Dispute Resolution Committee; and the Civil Trial Certification Committee.

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