Nicole Dory Examines Impact of NJ Supreme Court Ruling on Flood Ordinances and Vested Final Approvals Under MLUL

The New Jersey Planner Newsletter
January/February 2021
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Nicole B. Dory, a partner in Connell Foley’s Environmental Law and Real Estate and Land Use Groups, authored the article "Flood Ordinances and the New Jersey Supreme Court's Reaffirmation of Vested Final Approval in Shipyard Associates, LP v the City of Hoboken," which was published in the January/February 2021 issue of The New Jersey Planner Newsletter published by The New Jersey Planning Officials.  The article provides an in-depth examination into the issues that arose in the case Shipyard Associates, LP v. City of Hoboken, 242 N.J. 23 (2020). As Nicole writes, this decision "is notable because it affirms the statutory protections for approved development that are afforded by the Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL). The decision extends these protections to prevent flood ordinances from being retroactively changed to undo final land use approvals."

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