Sayles and Arnouk Author DRI Article on Anticipated Supreme Court Ruling Implications for Creditor’s Rights Attorneys

The Voice, DRI Newsletter
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Connell Foley partner Andrew C. Sayles and associate Omar D. Arnouk co-authored the article “Anticipated Supreme Court Ruling Will Have Professional Liability Implications for Creditor’s Rights Attorneys,” which was published in the March 21, 2017 issue of the DRI newsletter, The Voice. The article discusses the matter of Midland Funding, LLC v. Johnson, Case No., 16-348, where the Supreme Court has been asked to determine whether the United States Bankruptcy Code is in conflict with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) as it relates to the treatment of time-barred debts and the filing of proofs of claims.  Among the issues involved is whether conduct permitted and approved within the Bankruptcy Code may create separate liability for creditors and their counsel under the FDCPA.   

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