Michael Shadiack Quoted in Article on Workplace Vaccination Policies

New Jersey Business Magazine
August 2021
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Michael Shadiack, Chair of Connell Foley's Labor and Employment Group, is featured in the New Jersey Business Magazine article "The Workplace Vaccination Equation," which discusses how New Jersey businesses should navigate one of the pandemic's most difficult hurdles -- the issue of employee vaccination status in the workplace.

In the article, Mike details the challenges businesses are facing with the rapidly changing regulations and executive orders, "The guidance changes so quickly. Employers have to stay on top of it as it develops. They need to either have someone in their organization staying on top of it for them, or an outside employment attorney who is advising them of the update."

In explaining where employers can run afoul of employment laws by opening the door to confidential medical information, Mike states, "If an employee chooses not to produce [a copy of their vaccination card], or chooses not to get vaccinated, we don't want employers asking - and the law does not want employers asking the employee - 'Well, why not?' because that opens the door for a discussion as to a potential disability."

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