Humphreys & Gulama Author Article on AI-Related Employment Policies

New Jersey Law Journal
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The prevalence and accessibility of artificial intelligence (AI) tools online makes it necessary for employers to adopt policies concerning the use of AI in the workplace. The issues that these policies should address include:

  • Which—if any—AI tools are permissible for use.
  • Procedures for preventing the use of inaccurate information and the unauthorized use of intellectual property.
  • Prohibitions against entering confidential information and trade secrets into publicly accessible AI programs.
  • Measures the company has implemented to prevent discriminatory results when using AI tools in employment contexts.

Learn why policies addressing these issues are necessary and what such policies should contain. Read the article written by veteran corporate law attorney Noel Humphreys and employment lawyer Naomi Gulama for the New Jersey Law Journal. (NJLJ subscription required)

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