Bill Castner Is Guest Speaker for Podcast on Potential Gun Safety Concerns in New Jersey

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Bill Castner, a Partner in Connell Foley's Health Care Group and the former Senior Advisor to Governor Murphy on Firearms, was invited to speak with former Governor Jim Florio, Bob Gatty and Scott Ramminger on the "Tempo and the Times" podcast for a discussion on gun control and right-to-carry lawsuits.

Bill commented that he expects New Jersey and other states to oppose a lawsuit the U.S. Supreme Court intends to consider against a New York law that prohibits unrestricted open carry of firearms. "If the U.S. Supreme Court were to invalidate the New York law — which is very similar to New Jersey’s and has been on the books since 1913 — our law would be at risk," Castner explains. "New Jersey has among the strongest gun violence prevention laws in the country, and we have among the lowest per capita gun violence deaths in the country."

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