John Cromie Authors Article on Financial ADR Provisions and Drafting Tips to Protect Clients in M&A Deals

USLAW Magazine
Fall 2020
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John Cromie, Chair of Connell Foley's Corporate and Business Law Group and the Immediate Past Chair of the USLAW Board of Directors, authored the article "All Rise: Accountants as Arbitrators in M&A Deals - Drafting Tips to Protect Clients from Unintended Surprises" for the Fall 2020 issue of USLAW Magazine.

John's article provides insight into M&A transactions and what to look for when it comes to financial alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provisions in those transaction documents. As John writes, "Practitioners and business owners should be aware that most M&A transaction documents also include significant provisions providing for the resolution of financial disputes by way of an agreed upon submission to forensic accountants. For those not well versed in the specifics and nuances of M&A transactions, these “financial” alternative dispute resolution provisions can -- if not drafted properly and negotiated fairly -- create unintended consequences and ramifications for the parties."

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