Phil McGovern Quoted on the Benefits of Middle Market Companies

New Jersey Business Magazine
August 2020
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Philip F. McGovern Jr., Connell Foley's Managing Partner, is quoted in the New Jersey Business Magazine article "It's Good to be in the Middle" (August 2020). The article examines the benefits of being a middle market company (businesses with revenues between $10 million and $1 billion) with respect to decision-making and financial resources. Although the issues middle market companies are facing during the current pandemic -- including challenges related to employment, finances, vendors and real estate -- are shared by companies of all sizes, Phil is optimistic about the future.  "I believe that Americans generally resort back to the norm after times of crises," Phil notes. "Everyone who has had some modicum of success in the US has, to some degree, taken a risk. Even in the current situation, there is a good degree of risk, but I think American businesses will assess, address and adapt to that risk ... We will find a way to go forward and be better because of it." 

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