Kathleen Peregoy Quoted on "Hiring from a Global Labor Pool"

New Jersey Business Magazine
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Kathleen Peregoy, Co-chair of Connell Foley's Corporate Immigration and Global Mobility practice, is featured in the New Jersey Business Magazine article "Hiring from a Global Labor Pool," published on November 2, 2021. The article discusses how New Jersey companies and institutions that are unable to find highly skilled workers in the U.S. can hire skilled and specialized immigration workers from a global pool using U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services classifications such as H-1B visas. 

Kathleen described some of the challenges that companies have faced obtaining visas, saying “From March 2020 to July 2020, all U.S. Consulates were closed due to COVID-19. They have slowly reopened, but anecdotally, they are only operating at about 25% capacity in many cases. The consulates that are open have restricted services to emergent applications and have imposed a strict hierarchy of classifications that have priority for service.” She added, “We have been successfully processing visas and obtaining NIEs for business travelers since last year, but the process is complicated, and demanding, in that it differs for each country, and requires significant showing that the traveler is entering the U.S. to provide vital support to critical U.S. infrastructure.”

Please visit the New Jersey Business Magazine website to read the full article. 

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