Michael Shadiack and Marianne Tolomeo Present on Employment Law Considerations of COVID-19 Vaccines 

05.20.2021 | 1:00 - 2:30 PM
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Michael Shadiack, Chair of Connell Foley's Labor and Employment Group, and Marianne Tolomeo, a Partner in the Group, will present "COVID-19 Vaccine - Employment Law Considerations," hosted by Northern New Jersey Manufacturing Industry Partnership on May 20, 2021.

With businesses reopening, many employers are unsure of the laws relating to COVID-19 vaccinations, and the impact on their workforce.  Mike and Marianne will address issues such as:  

  • Employer vaccine mandates – are they legal?
  • Legal implications of a mandate under federal and state law
  • Legally valid and invalid objections by employees to the vaccine
  • Practical considerations for mandating the vaccine
  • Unionized employment considerations
  • Accommodating unvaccinated workers
  • Alternatives to a vaccine mandate/incentivizing employees
  • Telecommuting policies
  • COVID-19 policies: Containment, Health Screening, Travel/Quarantine

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